Extra Extra: Here Are 179 Photos From The Met Gala Red Carpet

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• Nicki Minaj is defending her tweet this week which claimed—through a classic “cousin’s friend” anecdote—that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause swollen testicles.

• Anti-vaxxers have begun to latch onto another potentially dangerous, wholly unproven medicine to treat COVID-19: “an iodine-based treatment largely for topical use that kills bacteria” that is often used in ERs to clean up wounds.

• America is in the midst of a hospital crisis because of overpacked ERs, which is turning into deadly rationing of care for patients in need.

• Christopher Nolan is taking his cinematic talents to Universal.

Here’s every look from Monday’s Met Gala red carpet.

• Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic for teenage girls, but that hasn’t stopped them from denying there is any “correlation between social-media use and depression.”

• Todd Rundgren, of all people, said he was frustrated trying to collaborate with “shoe designer” Kanye West.

• Larry David clearly was having a hell of a time at New York Fashion Week.

• AV Club underwent the unenviable task of ranking all 205 Weezer songs.

• California voters are deciding on whether to keep Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election today.

• And finally, why won’t the very still man throw the frisbee?