Extra Extra: An Oral History Of SNL’s Post-9/11 Episode

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• Does it matter if you meet your coworkers in person? Do you need to have an “emotional and personal” attachment to work in order to succeed?

• Rolling Stone spoke to Tina Fey, Lorne Michaels, Michael Schur, Tracy Morgan and more for an oral history of Saturday Night Live‘s post-9/11 episode with Reese Witherspoon.

Here is an extremely correct take that despite the whinging and whining of certain newspapers and magazines who concern-troll about a “puritanical culture” snuffing out free speech, we are actually living “in a historically unique period of political and rhetorical openness, a time when thoughts and ideas, politics and identities that would have been unspeakable and inexpressible just decades ago have become arguable, utterable, and even acceptable, for better or for worse.”

• Lindsey Buckingham talks about his new album, almost losing his voice, and the chances of a Fleetwood Mac reunion with the Times.

• Notorious B.I.G.’s former Fort Greene home is up for sale for $1.7 million.

• New York Magazine listened to audio recordings exposing the shady behavior of NYC lifeguards.

• The disastrous Elements Music and Arts Festival in Pennsylvania may be the 2021 Fyre Fest.

• Because everything’s coming up Ben today, Pavement announced they are reuniting for a series of shows in Europe in 2022.

• A couple of trailers for movies I’m personally really excited about dropped today: Joaquin Phoenix stars in Mike Mills’ latest heart-stirring film C’mon C’mon; Leonard DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and a dozen other stars face an international disaster in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up; and Anya Taylor-Joy steals the final trailer for Edgar Wright’s psychological-horror film Last Night In Soho.

• Clearly AMC doesn’t think those movies alone are enough to get people back into seats, because they’re spending $25 million on an advertising campaign to get people back to theaters.

• The War On Drugs performed their gorgeous, Wilco-esque single “Living Proof” on the season premiere of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

• And finally, this clip gets bonus points for being the rare animal video with a great song in it: