Watch Amanda Kloots Join Sara Bareilles and the Cast of Waitress for a Tribute to Nick Cordero

There was a new pie on the Waitress pie board when the diner reopened at the Barrymore Theatre September 2. The show’s creator and returning star Sara Bareilles introduced “A Big Ol’ Slice of Live Your Life Pie,” honoring the late, Tony-nominated Nick Cordero, an original company member of the show who died in July 2020 after a months-long battle with COVID-19.

“We honor Nick by baking him into the show,” said Bareilles in her curtain speech, joined by Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots. A Big Ol’ Slice of Live Your Life Pie, named after a song written by Cordero, will live on the board of “every production of Waitress all over the world forever and ever, amen.”

Kloots and Bareilles then led the cast and audience in a sing-along of “Live Your Life,” a tune that had become an anthem, not only for Kloots, but for Cordero’s legion of fans and supporters, during his illness.

Watch the entire tribute and sing-a-long below in the video posted on the musical’s Instagram.