Extra Extra: Gimme Gimme Gimme An ABBA Reunion After 40 Years

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• Broadway is finally set to reopen this month, but did producers and productions learn anything over the last 18 months?

• The implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Texas’ six-week abortion ban are staggering, and other states are already looking to copy how Texas did it, Vox writes: “Texas lawmakers ‘fashioned this scheme because federal constitutional challenges to state laws ordinarily are brought against state officers who are in charge of enforcing the law.’ So if no state officer can enforce the law, it is unclear whether anyone can be sued to block it. The Supreme Court’s order, joined by the five most conservative justices, effectively blesses this method of evading judicial review.”

• ABBA announced their reunion album Voyage, their first in 40 years, as well as a hologram concert in London next year—listen to two new ABBA songs now, “I Still Have Faith In You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down.”

• Deja vu: the AP reports that far right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, are planning to attend a rally at the Capitol later this month “to demand ‘justice’ for the hundreds of people who have been charged in connection with January’s insurrection.”

Vice reports that gig workers were “incentivized” to work during last night’s dangerous storm “because gig companies offer the lucrative bonuses and incentives.”

• Mel Magazine writes about the popular subreddit which mocks anti-vaxxers “who died or were hospitalized after contracting the virus.”

• ProPublica has a longread about how the “stolen election myth” has led to many Trump supporters mobilizing to take over the Republican Party at the lowest local level: “Suddenly, people who had never before showed interest in party politics started calling the local GOP headquarters or crowding into county conventions, eager to enlist as precinct officers.”

• Well, this is terrifying: teen girls are apparently developing unexplainable Tourette’s-like tics that scientists are calling a “mass sociogenic illness.”

• Kanye West released the music video for “Come To Life,” one of the best tracks from Donda, featuring footage from his final listening party in Chicago.

• Electronic artist Jon Hopkins is set to release the experimental, classically-bent Music For Psychedelic Therapy—zone out with “Sit Around The Fire” now.

• And finally, Australians have a far different attitude toward seemingly deadly creatures than we do: