Extra Extra: He Was Finally Fired From Jeopardy! Who Is Executive Producer Mike Richards?

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• President Biden defended the decision to exit Afghanistan, saying he was faced with a “real choice between leaving or escalating.”

• Our long national Jeopardy! nightmare is not totally over, but it took a definitive step toward being over: executive producer Mike Richards has been fired.

• Starting tomorrow, an anti-abortion law that completely nullifies Roe v. Wade will go into effect in Texas.

• If you’re still confused by why some people are ingesting horse paste to fight COVID-19 despite serious side effects and no scientific backing, HuffPost breaks it all down.

• Rewatch In The Mood For Love this week, then read this GQ Tony Leung profile.

• Things were very a’buzz in Times Square today.

• Bonnaroo 2021 has been cancelled because of unsafe conditions caused by Hurricane Ida.

• Look, if you have inappropriate thoughts about this thicc blimp, that’s on you.

Check out the FINAL trailer for Daniel Craig’s FINAL film as James Bond, No Time To Die.

• Mets fans greeted Javier Báez today with their customary grace..

• And finally, this is what it looks like when cows get airlifted: