Extra Extra: Do Cats Dream Of Electric Yarn Balls?

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•A school district in Wisconsin has opted out of free and reduced-price meals, arguing that students could “become spoiled.”

•This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of one of the city’s worst subway crashes, in which five people died, 200 were injured, and debris from the crash shut down service for almost a week.

•Guys, can’t believe we have to say this, but please stop taking horse medicine to treat COVID-19, deworming medication isn’t going to help humans.

•CrimeReads has a cool story looking at New York City’s ’70s alternative comics scene.

•Hey, what’s going on inside my cat’s head? A cat-lover writes about loving the mystery.

•Everything continues to go totally normally for Rudy Giuliani, why do you ask?

•”Roaching” is the gross new dating term referring to when one hides the fact that they’re seeing multiple people from a new romantic partner.

•I’m no expert at food diaries, but Leon Neyfakh’s Grub Street Diet piece seems like one of the better versions of the genre.

Here’s a cool photo and video feature showing how lines are painted on roads.

•On this new music Friday, you’re gonna want to load up the new Big Red Machine album How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? which features everyone from Taylor Swift to Fleet Foxes. You’re not gonna want to miss the music video for Baby Keem’s new song “Family Ties,” featuring the one-and-only Kendrick Lamar. Also check out Any Shape You Take, the sophomore album from Indigo De Souza, and No Sun, by Nite Jewel

•And finally, crunch crunch crunch: