Early Addition: Fellas, Keeping Your T-Shirt On In The Water Is Now Cool

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• “I don’t think I’m going to stay there till I die”: Justice Stephen Breyer, the 83-year-old liberal Supreme Court justice, gave the New York Times an update on his retirement plans.

• The Capitol Police officer who killed Ashli Babbit during the January 6th riot — who was cleared of any wrongdoing earlier this week — said in an NBC interview that he didn’t regret shooting her because doing so “saved countless lives.”

• College kids have been cheating left and right since the pandemic started.

• In order to “to rectify chaos in the fan community,” China has officially banned online listicles that rank celebrities by their popularity.

• Thandiwe Newton, the first Black woman to play a non-alien in a Star Wars movie, said the franchise made a “big, big mistake” by killing off her character in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a twist that apparently wasn’t even in the script but was instead decided during production as some kind of time-saving measure.

• Mariah Carey, who’s both Black and Irish, launched a new brand of Irish cream liqueur called Black Irish.

• Knicks shooting guard Evan Fournier is understandably pissed about the rendering of his face in the new NBA Live Mobile 22 video game.

Keeping your t-shirt on while you wade out into the ocean is now fashion.

• And finally, Buttercup on the run: