Early Addition: The CDC Is Now Urging Everyone To Steam Their Italian Cold Cuts To Avoid Salmonella

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• It appears that this month’s motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, did, in fact, turn into a superspreader event as many had predicted, with the county’s seven-day average case count increasing by 3,400 percent over the past three weeks.

• The CDC is urging people to steam their salami, prosciutto, and other Italian cold cuts after two reported cases of salmonella.

• Rich people have spent the pandemic converting their garages into sick hangout zones.

• Bloomberg Businessweek has a long piece on the real-life Succession story playing out at Camp Shane, the youth weight loss camp in the Catskills that inspired Heavyweights.

• Christy Carlson Romano, the co-star of the Disney Channel series Even Stevens, posted a YouTube monologue admitting she was “a bit salty” that her co-star Shia LaBeouf became a far more successful actor.

• Brazilian scientists have determined that a dinosaur fossil obtained in a police raid came from a “tapejarid,” a very cool-looking ornamented winged creature.

• Some guys are getting famous on TikTok for being able to chug several beers in under a minute.

• ABBA is about to release new music for the first time in four decades (and possibly go out on a hologram tour).

• And finally, TFW you want to pet a bear…but maybe shouldn’t?