Theatre for One Returns to In-Person Performances August 5 With Plays by Lydia R. Diamond, Regina Taylor, Jaclyn Backhaus, More

Following a virtual run during the pandemic shutdown, Theatre for One, the mobile performance space for one actor and one audience member, returns to live performances with a series of six new micro-plays beginning August 5 at Manhattan West.

Presented by Arts Brookfield, the limited engagement, titled Here Is Future, continues through August 22. Attendees are able to watch premieres by Jaclyn Backhaus, Lydia R. Diamond, Stacey Rose, DeLanna Studi, Regina Taylor, and korde arrington tuttle. Directors include Tiffany Nichole Greene, Rebecca Martínez, Taylor, and SRĐA.

Conceived by Christine Jones and designed by LOT-EK architects, Theatre for One is presented in public spaces in which audience members are invited to engage in an intimate theatrical exchange. Actor and audience member encounter each other as strangers and, through the course of the performance, discover how the divisions and distinctions that separate can dissolve.

The creative team is led by creator and artistic director Jones and resident director SRĐA, with associate producer/production coordinator Bryan Hunt, costume designer Hahnji Jang, lighting and sound designer Josh Higgason, and Here We Are co-artistic director/advisor Jenny Koons.

Arts Brookfield and Theatre for One continue to implement health, safety, and COVID-19 protocols in compliance with state and local government.

Octopus Theatricals produces the limited run, which is free of charge. Visit to reserve tickets every Monday at 10 AM for the performances that week. Walk-in slots are available if space allows.

(Updated August 5, 2021)