Watch Director Sammi Cannold in a Behind-the-Scenes Look From The Show Must Go On

Ahead of the The Show Must Go On premiere on August 9 at Broadway’s Majestic Theatre, Sammi Cannold shared with Playbill what it was like to make this documentary during the pandemic. Watch the video above for the full interview.

“I’d been reading about The Phantom of the Opera” world tour, and then hearing about Cats from Kristen [Blodgette] and then watching Andrew Lloyd Webber championing the survival of theatre on the West End. These dots all kind of connect and it seems like there’s a story to be told here” says Cannold. She adds, “I hope that the tenacity of the Korean theatre industry, that’s what we sort of aim to document in the film is helpful to folks.”

The documentary follows the companies of two productions in South Korea—the world tour of The Phantom of the Opera and the South Korean tour of Cats—as they pushed forward safely during the pandemic when the rest of the industry had shut down worldwide.

The Show Must Go On also follows Andrew Lloyd Webber in the U.K. as he uses the South Korean companies’ model in his fight for the future of theatre in the West End. The film is produced by co-directors Cannold and Dori Berinstein, along with WYSIWYG Studios, CEO Kwan-Woo Park, and Elizabeth Armstrong.

The premiere will also include appearances and performances to be announced. For tickets and more information, click here. Details about a wider release will be revealed later.