Celebrate Jerry Herman With a Look Back at His Broadway Shows

Seminal composer and lyricist Jerry Herman was born July 10, 1931.

The Tony Award-winning theatre writer made his Broadway debut in 1960, providing featured songs for the musical revue A to Z, launching a prolific career writing for the stage. Among his many buoyant and bright musicals, he is known his work in creating Broadway hits such as Hello, Dolly!, La Cage Aux Folles, and more.

“All these years that I’ve been writing Broadway musicals,” he once revealed. “Whenever I’ve had to write a real hit-’em-in-the-gut show tune, I always pictured it in the voice of Judy Garland. Invariably, my work came out more theatrical and exciting because of that little trick.”

Though Herman passed away in December 2019, we honor his legacy with a look back at his Broadway shows.