Watch the Video for ‘Shame Shame,’ Debut Pop-Dance Track From The Neon Coven’s Brandon Alberto

Neon Coven member Brandon Alberto (OSCAR at The Crown) has released “Shame Shame,” the first single from his upcoming EP this is a distraction. The pop-dance track, which debuted in a live performance at Playbill Pride’s Glimmer of Light concert June 17, is available now to stream. Check out the video, directed by fashion photographer Christian Blanchard, above.

Alberto wrote, arranged, and produced the track from his NYC apartment during the pandemic.

““Shame Shame” came from a long-overdue look within myself to examine the parts of me that I’ve been ashamed of, masked behind resentment and jealousy. I realized how much of my truth I was withholding because of the circumstances that conditioned me to believe those parts of me were wrong,” Alberto shared. “I had allowed the fear and shame of others to permeate my pride and dictate how I presented myself, emotionally and physically. I made a pact with myself to never again displace my comfort for the sake of someone else’s. I just want to let go of all the shame. And dance.”

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In addition to Alberto’s Neon Coven credits, he has appeared in Kinky Boots on tour, and has served as creative director for recording artist Samantha Johnson.