Drag Race Alum Shuga Cain Joins NYC’s Seven Deadly Sins

Shuga Cain, who competed on Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will play Mistress of Ceremonies for the upcoming New York City bow of Seven Deadly Sins. As previously reported, the outdoor theatrical experience from Tectonic Theater Project will begin June 22 in the Meatpacking District.

In the immersive piece, audiences explores the perils and pleasures of Christianity’s biggest no-nos, with a different playwright penning a world premiere piece for each sin. Ngozi Anyanwu will write a piece centered on gluttony, while Thomas Bradshaw takes on sloth, MJ Kaufman pride, Moisés Kaufman (who also directs) greed, Jeffrey LaHoste envy, Ming Peiffer wrath, and Bess Wohl lust.

Cain joins a lineup that also includes Broadway alums Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Morgan McGhee, Eric Ulloa, Brad Fleischer, Brandon J. Ellis, and Caitlin O’Connell, as well as Tricia Alexandro, Shavanna Calder, Donna Carnow, Shamika Cotton, Kahyum Kim, Bianca Norwood, and Cody Sloan.

To maintain COVID-19 safety, ticket holders will be socially distanced, and masks are required. Actors stand behind a glass barrier to isolate themselves from the other actors, the audience, and production staff.

Cave in and get a taste of each sin below.

Tell Me Everything You Know (inspired by Gluttony) by Ngozi Anyanwu
Two women in a garden (Calder and McGhee). One knows everything, the other hungry to know anything. Tell Me Everything You Know is a lesson in curiosity, information overload, and generally just minding your own damn business.

Hard (inspired by Sloth) by Thomas Bradshaw
Viagra is just about the only thing Jeff (Ellis) isn’t consuming these days. His and his wife’s (Cotton) sex life is going through a dry spell thanks to Jeff’s commitment to video games and not much else, but tonight she won’t take no for an answer.

Wild Pride (inspired by Pride) by MJ Kaufman
Not all advice is good advice… Wild Pride follows a trans YouTube influencer’s (Sloan) quest to give his followers (Norwood) the confidence he thinks they need…no matter the cost.

All I Want is Everything (inspired by Greed) by Moisés Kaufman
Two siblings (Alexandro, Ulloa), one inheritance. Things get dirty even when they’re not the ones digging the grave six feet under.

Naples (inspired by Envy) by Jeffrey LaHoste
In the Palace of Versailles, Princess Charlotte (O’Connell) discovers a secret that might bring ruin to her husband’s young lover, Philippe (Keenan-Bolger). Will she protect him or throw him to the lions? A love triangle with only two sides can be very unstable. But who will prevail when their envy gets the best of them?

Longhorn (inspired by Wrath) by Ming Peiffer
What sins will you confess when pushed to the limit? A professional dominatrix (Kim) whips her newest client (Fleischer) into shape (literally and figuratively) as she discovers his questionable beliefs.

Lust by Bess Wohl
An exotic dancer (Carnow) takes to the pole, business as usual, but when her worst nightmare walks in, it’s not just her clothes that get stripped away.