Stringer Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Second Woman

A second woman has come forward alleging New York City Comptroller and mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer sexually harassed and groped her. The alleged harassment took place decades ago when she worked at Uptown Local, a restaurant and bar Stringer co-founded and helped to run.

Fashion stylist Teresa Logan, 47, told the NY Times that Stringer repeatedly groped and kissed her and made other sexual advances in the early 1990s, when Stringer was 32 and she was an 18-year-old server at Uptown Local.

Unlike the first allegation made by Jean Kim, which Stringer has vociferously denied, Stringer told the Times he had “no memory” of Logan.

“Uptown Local was a long-ago chapter in my life from the early 1990s and it was all a bit of a mess,” he said in the article. Reached for further comment, Stringer told Gothamist/WNYC, “While I do not remember Ms. Logan, if I ever did anything to make her uncomfortable, I am sorry.”

Logan said Stringer groped her while she was carrying trays in the restaurant and bar, and had forcibly kissed her several times when they hung out after work. Once, as they walked to another bar after her shift, she said Stringer started kissing and groping her.

“It was almost like this out-of-body experience, where I’m like, ‘What do I do, like this is my boss,’” she told the Times. “Meanwhile he’s like, his hand going up my skirt, and my chest.”

On an earlier occassion, the two were taking a cab to another bar after Logan’s shift had ended, when she said Stringer slid his hand up her inner thigh and kissed her. The Times spoke to two people who recalled Logan sharing some details about the encounters.

Logan’s account is similar to that of Jean Kim, a New York City lobbyist who said she was groped and harassed by Stringer when she volunteered for his 2001 campaign for public advocate.

Logan reached out to attorney Patricia Pastor, who is representing Kim, after hearing about Kim’s experience.

“It was like this trigger,” she told the Times. “There’s like a visceral feeling hearing her on the news, and him, and hearing her and knowing she was right. I was like, I know I have to do this.”

Pastor put Logan in touch with the Times, though she is not representing her. Logan couldn’t be reached for further comment.

Stringer hemorrhaged support from the progressive left after Kim’s allegation and has since attempted to discredit her account. Some of his former supporters have gone on to endorse his rival civil rights attorney Maya Wiley. Stringer was determined to continue forward without the left-leaning flank, buoyed in part by the support of influential unions like the United Teachers Federation. The UFT didn’t return a request for comment right away.