Fly On The Wall Series Continues May 29 With Online Reading of Douglas Lyons’ Invisible Act 1

The Fly on the Wall Series, an inside look at the new play development process, continues with a reading of Act 1 of Douglas Lyon’s Invisible, streaming 8 PM ET May 29. The play is a commission for Queens Theatre.

Amina Robinson directs the reading, starring Kim Exum (Book of Mormon) and Imari Hardon (Avenue Q), with Josh Davis (Beautiful), Suzanne Grodner (Bye Bye Birdie), and Terence Archie (Rocky).

Invisible tells the story of lifelong best friends Eemani and Jade, who decompress one afternoon over a blunt. Unbeknownst to them, the blunt is laced with much more than weed, spiraling the duo into a wild hallucination that allows them to confront the oppressors of the past, dead on.

The play is a commission for Queens Theatre, the company that premiered Lyons’ family comedy Chicken and Biscuits in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit.

The Fly on the Wall Series is produced by Queens Theatre in partnership with Los Angeles’ IAMA Theatre Company. For tickets, visit