Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Cherry Trees Are Starting To Bloom

Things were quiet when we checked on Monday, but now the Brooklyn Botanic Garden says that a few of its cherry trees have blossoms.

One tree is a Prunus × incam ‘Okame’ on Cherry Walk, while the other is a Prunus ‘Fudan-zakura’ tree by the Japanese garden, according to a release from the BBG. And, according to their map, it seems like two more ‘Fudan-zakura’ trees are blooming by Cherry Walk!

Unlike last year, when the garden was closed during the pandemic, the BBG will celebrate hanami, which describes the “Japanese cultural tradition of savoring every moment of cherry blossom season,” from April 17th through May 9th, with a socially-distanced visitor experience. There will not be the annual Sakura Matsuri festival, but garden hours will be extended past 6 p.m. to sunset.

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To keep the experience safe, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden requires advance tickets. There are other events—like weekend pop-up music and dance performances—to look forward to, as well as other flowers. Daffodil Hill is expected to be in full sunny power this month.

A visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during quarantine

From an April 2020 visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Jake Dobkin / Gothamist