Baayork Lee and National Asian Artists Project Issue Statement Following Atlanta Tragedy

The National Asian Artists Project released a statement March 29 following the recent Atlanta tragedy and the increase in crimes against Asian-Americans that is making headlines around the world.

National Asian Artists Project’s mission is to be a leader in educating, cultivating, and stimulating audiences and artists—current and future—through showcasing work by artists of Asian descent. Baayork Lee, recipient of the 2017 Isabelle Stevenson Tony Award, is the executive artistic director of NAAP, which strives to command a place at the fore with a uniquely compelling American voice.

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The statement from Lee and the NAAP Team follows:

We at National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) feel the need to express our sadness and outrage stirred by the recent tragedy in Atlanta, and over the increased incidents of senseless violence that have come upon our Asian Communities. These aggressions and events have impacted our families and friends across the nation, leaving many with increased fear in their everyday lives.

Our mission has always focused our support on the performing arts, while also building a safe place in our community. In the wake of not just last week’s event, but the multiple horrible attacks in recent memory, we at NAAP want to reach out to our friends and members who are feeling anger, grief, confusion and experiencing various levels of trauma as a result of these horrendous and random attacks. It is further troubling to try to grasp the idea that this is happening due to an unprecedented and wildly inaccurate sourcing of misinformation targeted toward our ethnic origin.

This pain and grief affects all of us and to have this happening during an historic and disastrous pandemic, makes all of this an even more heightened tragedy. Like any family, we encourage everyone to please take care of each other and look out for one another. We are asking that you make that extra effort to check in on friends, family, elders, and, please, don’t be afraid to use your voices and share your opinions and thoughts.

Stay well, stay safe.

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