This $13 Anti-Fog Spray is a Life-Saver if You Wear Glasses

The struggle is real for New Yorkers who wear glasses. Glasses plus a face mask make for foggy lenses and reduced visibility. You want to be a good person and wear your mask, but you also need to see where you’re going. The masking-up of the pandemic has been difficult for those who need to wear glasses most of the time.

The good news is that there is a way to get around it: FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses is on sale right now for only $12.99. The spray enables you to carry on wearing your personal protective equipment and keep your vision aids in place. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

FogBlock is easy to apply and among the best anti-fog sprays available, designed to keep your glasses clear when you wear a mask — and when you go from cold to hot environments. It’s a non-toxic and streak-free formula that needs no wiping. The spray’s effects last for up to 24 hours, so you don’t need to keep applying it constantly, either. 

Using it is simple: Spray it on your lenses, let it dry for five minutes, and then wear your glasses. That’s it. There’s no tricky application process nor do you need to remove the coating before reapplying. The solution is safe for all lens types — it works on spectacles, sunglasses, and even goggles — and comes in a handy small size.

The FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses is on sale for $12.99, a discount of 13 percent off the full price, and is also available in multi-packs for even greater savings: a two-pack for $22.99, a savings of 30 percent off the full price of $30; and a four-pack for $39.99, saving you 33 percent off the full price of $60.


FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses – $12.99

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