Immerse Yourself in The NYPAA Experience: Dive into a thrilling two-week journey of intensive performing arts training in the heart of New York City, culminating in a showcase that connects you with agents & managers. Live your dream and transform your artistic talents under the guidance of respected industry professionals.


Dive into the endless pulse of New York City, the media and cultural epicenter of the world. Your journey extends beyond the classroom to the iconic streets of NYC, from the mesmerizing lights of Times Square to the exhilarating cheers on Broadway. Embrace the city that never sleeps and discover an inspiring array of experiences that only New York can offer.


Are You Prepared to Ignite Your Performing Arts Passion? Dive into our conservatory-style program, where the worlds of acting, musical theatre, and dance converge in a fiery blend of creativity and skill. Guided by the unparalleled expertise of entertainment industry veterans, we offer an expedition into the depths of performance artistry designed to elevate your abilities beyond imagination.

Embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation in an environment that not only nurtures but challenges you to excel. Our dedicated professionals are committed to sculpting your talents, ensuring every stage and screen becomes a canvas for your artistry. Open to novices and seasoned artists alike, our program is your gateway to mastering the craft and revealing the extraordinary performer within.

Join us in the heart of New York City – where dreams are born and stars are made. Let’s create magic, together.

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